Back-End Configurations: Firewall, Domain Name, DNS servers

I previously set up a DigitalOcean droplet and configured my Ubuntu server with Nginx, and Gunicorn. See my last post for more details.

For this step, I configured my firewall to only allow requests from certain ports, purchased a domain name, and configured the DNS servers to reroute my domain name to my DigitalOcean server.

To set up my firewall, I followed step 7 of this tutorial ( The tutorial was well written and it was easy for me to set it up. Next, I purchased a domain from There are tons of services out there that will sell you domain names, but I had previously used GoDaddy so I decided to keep using them. To have a domain for 3 years I think it costs about $50.

Then, I followed the following tutorial ( to set up my host name with DigitalOcean. After I set everything up, my was working, but my was not working. After troubleshooting for a while, I decided to just give it some time, and after a few hours it started working. So if you follow the tutorial and it doesn’t work immediately, just give it time.

That’s it for this step. Next post I’ll set up my Back-End API with Python Falcon.

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