Back-End: Setting up MongoDB on Ubuntu 16.04

In my last post, I set up a basic python falcon application running on my Nginx Gunicorn server. To store data, I am going to use the popular NoSQL database MongoDB. So this post will focus on setting it up.

As I have been going through the Front-End and Back-End initial development process, DigitalOcean tutorials have been super helpful. In fact, I love DigitalOcean tutorials because they are explanatory (but don’t over explain), they keep the scope of a tutorial down (and provide links to additional tutorials if needed), the tutorials are well documented, and they work–that’s my favorite part. I have only had a few problems with their tutorials, so I trust the quality of their content. I followed the following tutorial ( to set up MongoDB on my server.

Setting everything up was straight forward (following the tutorial) and I didn’t hit any glitches. Gotta love good DigitalOcean tutorials. In later posts I will discuss MongoDB queries I am using to store, retrieve, and aggregate data.

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