From Newbie to Full-Stack App Developer: Corona SDK, Lua, MongoDB, Nginx, Gunicorn, DigitalOcean, Material-UI, Falcon, Python

Over the next 4 months, I’m diving into the world of mobile development. After researching front end frameworks, back end frameworks, and mobile platforms, I have decided on the following technologies:

  1. Corona SDK, Lua, and Material-UI for my front end.
  2. Nginx, Gunicorn, Python, Falcon, and MongoDB for my back end.
  3. DigitalOcean as my infrastructure.

To build my own front end and back end on DigitalOcean, I will tackle the following steps:

1. Set up digital ocean droplet
1. Set up nginx
1. Set up gunicorn
2. Set up firewall
2. Get domain name
2. Set up DNS name servers
3. Set up let’s encrypt as a free SSL cert for HTTPS
4. Set up Python and Falcon
5. Set up MongoDB
6-9. Write API endpoints to interact with my app

Front end
1. Set up Corona SDK
1. Install material design UI
2. Figure out how to use composer for scene management
2. Set up start menu
3. Set up level type menu
3. Set up level choice menu
4-7. Build out each level type
8. Build out leaderboards
8. Build out personal stats pages
9. Create interactive pages
9. Create login system

Each of theseĀ tasks has been numbered with a week number (from 1 to 9) for the next 9 weeks as part of an educational product development course. As part of the course, I will be posting the results of each week along with any challenges faced.

My only resource to learn all of these skills is Google. As I encounter problems, I’ll search online forums, question and answer sites, and tutorials. I’ll post the resources I used to learn each technology in each week summary post.

Welcome to my journey from newbie to full-stack app developer.

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