Front-End Setup: Corona SDK, Composer, Lua, Material-UI

I am building an app and would like it to be a cross-platform application. I decided to use Corona SDK because it publishes to both Android and iOS. Corona SDK uses Lua as the programming language, which is great because Lua is similar to Python and I love python. Corona SDK can be downloaded here: It was easy to install and setup. I started developing within the Corona SDK environment using a Corona library called Composer. Composer handles scene management (different views in a mobile application). I used the following documentation ( and blog post ( to figure out how to use Composer in my application.

One of the things I love about using Composer and Corona SDK is the support provided if you run into troubles setting things up. I had a question about setting up my system that I emailed to Rob Miracle, and he responded to my question within 48 hours.

Composer handles a lot of the front end logic, but I wanted a front-end framework to help with the visual components. Luckily, this blog post ( came out as I was looking for front-end frameworks so I decided to use material-UI (the Corona implementation of Google material design). It’s relatively new, but the developer provides excellent documentation (, responds quickly to GitHub issues and requests (, and has been extremely helpful as I have been developing my app.



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