Success Story for “Newbie to Full-Stack Mobile App Developer” Challenge

Four months ago I decided I was going to take a deep dive into the world of mobile development. I previously had data science experience with python and R (data cleaning, data analysis, web scraping, working with APIs), but did not have any real web development experience. So I started a series of blog posts to outline my app development progress.

In my first post, I laid out a plan for my progress through both the front-end and back-end aspects of my application. I followed this plan pretty closely and ended up being successful. Here is a recap of my progress:

  1. DigitalOcean with an Ubuntu server, Nginx, and Gunicorn
  2. Corona SDK, Lua, and Material-UI for my front-end framework
  3. Firewall, domain name, and DNS server configurations for back-end
  4. Composer and Material-UI for scene management and display creation
  5. Let’s Encrypt to handle HTTPS requests
  6. Front-end menus using TileGrids in Material-UI
  7. Back-end setup using Python Falcon Gunicorn WSGI framework
  8. Building the first game level in Corona
  9. Setting up MongoDB
  10. Implementing a timer for timed level play
  11. Making API endpoints and making requests
  12. Storing data and updating data using object identifiers
  13. Handling long HTTP requests, asynchronous worker
  14. Building my own login system
  15. Running a bash script in a cronjob

After exporting my code to an Android .apk, I have the first build of my mobile app–and it works like a charm. After I release it to¬†Android and iOS I will post another update with more details about my app.


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